Yes, you can pay your check online and it is quite easy as well. You only need to use some smartphone apps to do this and within a few minutes, you will be able to pay your traffic Challan. Paying proper attention on all the traffic rules is very important. It has to be the duty of everyone to follow these rules. When you do so, you not only ensure your own safety but the safety of others is also guaranteed.

However, when a person does not follow traffic rules and violate them then Traffic Challans are issued.

Anyone who is not observing those rules strictly while on the road can be fined with these Challan. Different cases that can lead you to get fined are-

  • Jumping the red light
  • Over speeding
  • Not wearing a helmet
  • Ignoring traffic sign boards
  • Driving without a license and so on

In case you are caught by doing any of these by traffic police then for sure you would be bound to pay traffic Challan. Either you do it deliberately or inadvertently, you would have to pay that Challan.

In case you get stuck in such kinds of situations, you do not have the fund to pay your fine, you can use E-Challan Applications to do this. You can choose apps like Paytm, MobiKwik to pay your e Challan in the easiest way possible. These apps have come up with a unique idea of Challan payment by using smartphone applications. You will be able to do this within few short & straightforward steps. With these apps, you can go cashless. It also offers you the solution of going to the ATM whenever you get caught by a traffic police who want you to pay the fine. All the worries of unavailability of cash at that particular moment are sorted out by E-Challan apps. You can pay your fine on the go within a few minutes.

Steps to pay e-Challan is so simple. Traffic police generates your Challan against your vehicle’s registration number. You can pay the fine by using electronic money transfer of Challan payment apps. You only need to install the app from PlayStore and register onto it. This will let you do the payment on the spot instantly. You are only required to enter your City Name and then you can give your Challan or vehicle number. Once you do this, you will be asked to choose payment method of your preference.

You can choose Debit/Credit Card or Net banking or any digital wallet. All the payment methods used by these apps are fully secure and they do transactions with utmost accuracy. After the completion of the transactions, you will get an instant update which is automated. You will receive that update on your phone and email id. You can use E-Challan service 24/7 without thinking about the availability of fund in your wallet. Using these apps will also help you get different deals, Cashback offers and discounts. So, start using them to pay your e-Challans.