For years, promotional products have been in use as cost-effective marketing tactics. Promotional products are marketer’s favorite right form big enterprises to new businesses. According to a research done by PPAI, around 94% of people who-who have promotional products remember where they got the promotional products from.  From the study, 83% of most consumers like products that have advertising messages.  According to the same study, 85% of the consumers that got the promotional products do business with the advertiser. 58% of the consumers from the survey indicated that they keep the promotional gift item for a period of one to four years. Another significant statistic from the study revealed that 89% of the consumers could recall the advertiser’s name or company name for around 24 months from receiving the gift items. All this statistics lay down the emphasis on the importance of promotional and corporate products for brand recognition and also for marketing. In this article, we focus on how beneficial promotional and corporate products are to business and enterprises.

Effective Marketing at a Low-Cost

Many small businesses and enterprises dream of having the overwhelming advertisement campaigns of the large-scale companies that spread all over the different media. They can still achieve their marketing targets by use of low-cost promotional products campaigns. There exist many inexpensive promotional products for startups businesses. Prices are kept low by manufacturers of promotional products by their manufacturers. Despite the fact that the costs of the gift items are low, the impacts of such gifts are usually very high on the recipients. is one of the most popular websites in Australia that effectively advertise most of the promotional and corporate products.

Instant Brand Recognition

Brand recognition aids consumers to identify your firm products once they spot your logo instantly. For instance, many people will immediately recognize the McDonald’s fast food business once they see the yellow arch logo Brand logos make customers and consumers remember a business. This is one of the leading benefits of using distributed promotional products.  A study that was carried a couple of years ago indicated that around 89% of consumers could recall a promotional product they’d received in two years. This is because the gift they received remained in their offices and homes or even their cars. The gifts remind them of your business or company. The next time they see your logo or brand, instantly they remember your business. These gifts help them recognize your products once they go shopping.

Exposure of your Business

TV advertisement campaigns and billboard advertisement usually pass through your eyes in a few seconds. However, gift items, on the other hand, are generally in use most of the time. And another benefit of the gift items is the fact that they are generally in front of your eyes most of the time. A consumer will wear your promotional gift of a T-shirt design for many days. This will help expose your business to many people. If your promotional product is a coffee mug, consumers will sip tea or coffee from the mag for many days.