Buying any automobile requires plenty of research. It involves understanding of the technical specification of automobile and its comparison with other similar automobiles of different brands. So if you have been planning to buy a Can-Am Spyder, make sure you gain sufficient information about it.

Type of license required

Different countries have their different laws and conditions with respect to license.

In the U.K. and Ireland:

A normal car license is sufficient to ride a Can-Am Spyder. The only condition is that the rider has to be atleast 21 years old.


To ride a Can-Am Spyder on the streets of France, you need to have a valid car license and an official seven hours of training from a reputed driving school.


Riding a Can-Am Spyder is quite easy in Belgium if you have gained license before 1 May 2013. You need to simply keep your license with you while you drive Spyder on the road. For people who have gained it after this date, need to also go for a mandatory 4 hour of motor training via a driving school. Also, in both the cases, the minimum age of the rider has to be 21 years.

How regularly should you perform Spyder maintenance?

The maintenance need of a Spyder is equivalent to that of a motorbike. The frequency of maintenance depends on the kilometers, and engine that you ride every year. For a proper maintenance of your vehicle, you will be required to visit an authorized BRP dealer. By maintaining your vehicle in the best state, you can enjoy the benefits of BRP usagé to a maximum extent.

What should be the ideal maintenance schedule for Spyder RT and RS?

  • Break-in evaluation: after every 1,000 km
  • Change in Oil: in every 7,500 km
  • Adjustment of valves: post 23.000 km
  • Transmission filter: post 7400 km
  • Spark plugs and engine coolant: post 22.500 km

Maintenance schedule for Spyder F3 and RT

  • Break-in inspection: after every 5000 km
  • Change in Oil: in every 15.000 km
  • Adjustment of valves: Not needed
  • Transmission filter: post 45.000 km
  • Spark plugs and engine coolant: post 45.000 km

On what factor does the insurance cost of Spyder depends?

The charges of getting Spyder insured differs from one country to another. The actual price is determined by the insurer that one chooses, age of rider, driving record, country of residence, credit history, etc.


Buying a Can-Am Spyder is a one-time investment. All these questions will definitely help you in finding the best model for your requirements.

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