Running a company can occur a lot of operating expenses, especially in a production or manufacturing capacity. One of the most expensive items are uniforms. Uniforms are an essential part of a company, as it helps identify employees and give them a consistent look. They also are great as an offset to advertising costs, allowing a business to spread brand awareness through employee appearance. When making the choice whether to buy uniforms or to rent them, there are three big advantages to renting.


Buying uniforms can become an expensive proposition, especially when factoring in turnover. When an employee leaves the company, recovering uniforms can be a hassle. Costs can be offset by deducting from an employee’s final check, but this still requires buying another set if the former employee does not return the uniform. Rental allows for employees to leave the uniforms at the end of the day, meaning fewer losses on uniform quantity. Uniform rental services also can save money on especially large staffs, allowing new people to be onboarded immediately in company attire, as it is always on hand.


Uniform rental services help keep the employees clean and fresh every single day. When there is a problem, like a fabric tear or a worn out uniform, a rental service can quickly replace them, which is also a great cost-saving measure. Buying uniforms means that when an employee has a damaged uniform, it is up to the company to purchase or repair, which can take time. This can be damaging to the company’s image, especially in customer-facing positions.


A company goes through evolution as it continues to grow and expand its operations. Part of this evolution is updating the look of its logos, slogans and branding. Once again, making these changes can be an expensive endeavor when it comes to uniforms. With a uniform rental, these changes are much more affordable. The company can submit its changes to the rental service and roll out its updated branding without having to worry about getting all employees to update their attire through purchases. Instead, the employees come to work and are immediately onboarded into the new look.

The bottom line is the most important part of running a successful company. Renting uniforms just makes more financial sense. It allows them to focus on their own products and services, without having to focus on laundry and other uniform services. It allows the company to work on what they are best at doing, and hands off the responsibility of uniform services on to what a uniform rental service are experts in.