No one expects to get hurt on the job. Your company may not be prepared to step up and compensate you for everything you’ve lost. Here’s what you can do to get the best NYC workers comp lawyer for your case.

Look For Experience And Knowledge

Don’t settle for the first lawyer who approaches you. Take the time to investigate the credentials of any firm that wants to handle your claim. What other cases have they handled? Was the outcome satisfactory for the client? Are there any complaints pending against them on their conduct?

What Your Lawyer Should Be Able To Determine

  • The percentage of benefits you’re entitled to
  • How to get you compensated for your reduced earning ability due to any partial disability suffered
  • Additional payments you’re entitled due for injuries like losing a hand or not being able to walk again
  • How to get your worker’s compensation carrier to pay bills incurred by you from medical providers

Your lawyer should leave nothing on the table. Try to avoid firms who just seem to be angling for a quick settlement without considering how you will be able to manage your day to day living long-term.

Look For A Good Investigator

Your employer may dispute facts surrounding your injury. Your lawyer should be prepared to go out and do the following to support your claims:

  • Prove you notified your employer within 30 days of when the injury happened
  • Interview any witnesses to the accident
  • Take pictures of where the injury happened to document the safety conditions of the site
  • Obtain complete medical records to support your claims

Do your homework before signing up with any NYC workers comp lawyer. Make sure you put yourself in the right hands.